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About Us

Astro Mechanical is proud to be a Mechanical Contractor. We create jobs, and we greatly appreciate that nearly every major endeavor in the country involves the construction industry. We are honored to have assisted in building the industrial plants, retail establishment, hospitals, schools and commercial buildings that support the communities we work in.

Astro Mechanical Contractors Inc. is a mechanical and plumbing contractor, established in July, 1960 in the State of California. Over the years, Astro Mechanical has expanded operations considerably. We now have a fleet of twenty-five trucks, and we employ nearly sixty people!

It has always been the policy of Astro Mechanical Contractors to provide:

  • Quality workmanship by trained employees
  • Engineered solutions by experienced project managers
  • Creative installations suited to the needs of any project
  • Reliable service after the sale
Astro Mechanical Contractors Inc. El Cajon, CA
California OSHA Award

Company Profile

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Astro Mechanical Contractors is a full service mechanical and plumbing contractor. We are licensed in the state of California and the state of Washington. We handle everything from large mechanical and plumbing contracts, to light commercial applications.

Astro Mechanical Contractors has highly trained service technicians to serve you. Astro Mechanical Contractors has a professional after-hours answering service, and a full service department with 24-hour on-call HVAC technicians.

Our company is divided into two divisions:

  • Mechanical and Plumbing Division

    These are mostly large commercial and industrial applications, where jobs are contracted through the “bid process” or “design build” process.

  • HVAC Service Division

    This division consists of Hospital, Government, Institutional, and light commercial applications for HVAC and Plumbing service, and has departments for preventive maintenance, retrofit, and new construction work.


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  • Design/build, negotiated, and plan and specification contracting for industrial, commercial, military, and institutional clients, involving heating, cooling, ventilation, mechanical, piping and plumbing projects.

  • Chilled/hot water piping, steam piping, natural gas piping, LP gas piping, hazardous fuel piping, storage tanks, cooling tower & boiler installation and piping, Geothermal systems, backflow preventers.

  • Medical Gas Piping.

  • Equipment and fixture replacement.

  • Site Utility Work.

  • AutoCAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM).


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When it comes to cooling, heating, and plumbing, you'll find that Astro Mechanical Contractors is a diversified and versatile contractor.

The knowledge and dedication of our employees enable our success in many different market segments. Drawing upon the experience of these employees — in contracting, construction management and design-build — and combining the proven capability from our past — our commercial, health care and  residential divisions are each associated with the same qualities: integrity, quality, performance, hard work, and dedication.

At Astro Mechanical Contractors, we are eager to take on projects that require overcoming technical challenges. Successful planning, design, and implementation of these complex solutions are what we have become known for in our industry.


Due to our proven track record of being able to meet project commitments, our self-performance capability in various disciplines enhances our ability to manage and direct project costs, schedule and overall construction quality. Astro Mechanical Contractors will provide you with responsive leadership and management throughout the project duration, from groundbreaking  to closeout.


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Based on our relationships with architects, engineers, consultants, material suppliers and subcontractors, Astro Mechanical Contractors is able to form successful design-build teams to meet the needs of our clients. The value we add to a Design-Build project team is in our vast project experience, our knowledge of the work, our capability to review designs for constructability, and our cost estimating expertise. By adding our experienced construction professionals during the planning and design processes, we are confident that we will provide alternatives which can save you time and money.

HVAC Service

Due to our reputation and success has given facility managers of health care and commercial buildings a level of comfort and trust that our service teams’ expertise, patience and flexibility will not let them down. Our willingness, ingenuity, and persistence to find unique and reliable up-grades, fine tuning and modifications to very important and complex systems will provided the best pay-back in both dollars and reliable redundancy.


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Astro Mechanical Contractors is committed to providing our employees with a safe work environment, and to having all our employees develop a culture of safety awareness. In order to meet this commitment, we have developed several safety programs and policies that aid our employees in achieving these goals.

Safety is integrated with the other project functions of planning, communication and production. Starting with an analysis to determine what safety concerns exist on the project (and what can be done to address them), Astro Mechanical Contractors takes the steps to ensure that employees work together as a team to promote safety.

After this planning meeting, several on-site safety audits are performed to verify that all safety measures are taken in the field. Furthermore, peer observation is encouraged to be reported and discussed with the Superintendent to ensure that all employees are working in a safe manner. Finally, incentives are offered to encourage employees to work together for the safety of all.

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Astro Mechanical Contractors Inc., El Cajon, CA
Astro Mechanical Contractors Inc., El Cajon, CA
Astro Mechanical Contractors Inc., El Cajon, CA
Astro Mechanical Contractors Inc., El Cajon, CA